World Archery Management Seminar 2011

In line with World Archery Strategic Plan 2012-2016 and with the aim of empowering its Member Associations, World Archery held a Management Seminar on 18-20 November 2011 in Lausanne, Switzerland for around 50 participants from 30 countries.

Our responsibilities included:

  • Acted as World Archery Education Partner
  • Provide advice on both the strategy and implementation of the programme in collaboration with World Archery’s leadership team
  • Design (format and content) of the seminar. Prior to the event SINERGI and World Archery, together at preparatory meetings, identified key issues and challenges to be addressed and developed a range of knowledge sharing tools focusing on making the seminars interactive
  • Moderate part of the seminar, maximizing the amount of interactivity and discussion
  • Select and trained moderators amongst the Member Associations
  • Identifiy relevant case studies from MAs that could be replicated in other countries
  • Use high end software and cameras to document the various sessions for post seminar analysis

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